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Put the following languages in learning difficulty order romanian Hungarian polish Ukrainian and German?

    'Learning difficulty' depends on the languages that you already know. It is not absolute. For example, if you have a good knowledge of Russian or any other Slavic (MORE)

Thank you in polish?

  I belive by 'polish' you mean 'Polish language'? Well then.   Thank (you)- Dziękuję (Ci), Thanks - Dzięki. Hope it helps.
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What is French polish?

  French polish I believe is a mixture of alcohol and shellac, used on turnings of wood.       French polishing is a technique that uses a soft cloth wrapped a (MORE)

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How many words are there in the polish language?

between 40,000 and 160,000 words. ____ Ah, that's not that simple, really. Polish Scientific Publishers PWN Grand Orthografic Dictionary (mine, unofficial translation of the t (MORE)

What is a polish highlander?

Polish Highlander (pol. Góral) is traditionally an inhabitant of mountainious villages/towns. In today's Poland a highlander is an inhabitant of any human agglomeration (vill (MORE)

What is chicken in polish?

"kurczak" - newborn;   "kura" - if one is she :P;   "kogut" - if one is he.     However, note that if you're talking about a meal containing  chicken then i (MORE)