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Who did Stalin purge from the Soviet communist party and the military?

The Great Purge from 1934 to 1940 was used to effectively remove  dissenters of the Communist Party from leadership, government  office, and the military. Several millions o (MORE)
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Who was the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party after Lenin died?

Joseph Stalin held the position of "General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party" before and after Lenin died in 1924. There was no such position as "Gene (MORE)

Who was a communist dictator of the Soviet Union?

Most Soviet leaders had beliefs about human dignity, the only true  Soviet dictator in every sense of the word was Joseph Stalin, who  became the Soviet leader in 1924 and r (MORE)
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What were the duties of the Soviet Politburo?

The Politburo was the main parliament in Soviet Russia. The Politburo made decisions regarding everything from the economy to international relations. The communist party was (MORE)

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