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How do you get into politics?

1. It helps to have no skeletons in your closet, or if you do, they are well hidden or easily explained. 2. If you are not of a wealthy and connected family, you will typicall (MORE)

What are two ways in which World War 1 made a political impact on the world?

Well, one thing is that it resulted in the Treaty of Versailles being forced upon Germany, which in the long term was the main cause of the rise of Nazism (thus Hitler) in Ger (MORE)

What is politics?

Answer Politics is a power relation between people and political groups. As a general concept, the practice of the art or science of directing and administrating states or (MORE)

How did World War 1 impact internal politics of Italy?

In politics Mussolini was kicked out of the Socialist party in  Italy. In the beginning Italy did not get involved in the war which  horrified the nationalists and was suppo (MORE)

Who was the political leader of Korea during World War 1?

  Since Korea was annexed by Japan in 1910, Emperor Yoshihito was the head of state of Great Japanese Empire. Yoshihito was the father of Hirohito (the Emperor who led Jap (MORE)