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How did World War 1 impact internal politics of Italy?

In politics Mussolini was kicked out of the Socialist party in  Italy. In the beginning Italy did not get involved in the war which  horrified the nationalists and was suppo (MORE)

Who was the political leader of Korea during World War 1?

  Since Korea was annexed by Japan in 1910, Emperor Yoshihito was the head of state of Great Japanese Empire. Yoshihito was the father of Hirohito (the Emperor who led Jap (MORE)

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Where were political prisoners sent under Nicholas 1?

Mostly to Siberia, although other (distant) places also sometimes  were given as the place of banishment. It should however be  mentioned that the Gulag prison camps in Sibe (MORE)

What is politics-?

The official definition for the word politics is "the activities  associated with the governance of a country or other area, esp. the  debate or conflict among individuals o (MORE)