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What is room division unit in hotel?

studio type rooms, de luxe, double deluxe, single king size, double king size, standard rooms, fully furnished apartelles, and penthouse
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What a country must have to be a political unit?

  The states (countries) that make up today's political world share four essential features: population, territory, sovereignty, and government. Population has a direct ef (MORE)

What kind of a unit was the Herman Goering Division?

The Herman Goering Division began as a police force before the war when Herman Goring was Minister of Interior. It grew larger and became a part of the Luftwaffe, where it w (MORE)

When was the first political party division in the US?

Thomas Jefferson once said that two people was a law firm and three a political party. My point is that from the very start of the nation political parties were divided. In 17 (MORE)