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Why are there 2 political parties?

Currently the Democratic and Republican parties are the two major parties, and the main survivors from a multitude of past political parties. The Democrats are considered to b (MORE)

Which political party is the best?

The libertarians or republicicans. They're conservative and like fairness and equlity, like same percentage of tax paid by everyone, no matter how rich or poor. They also like (MORE)

What are Germany's Political Parties after WW1?

KPD (Literally - German Communist Party) SPD / USPD ([Ultra] Social Democrats) DDP (German Democrats) Z (Zentrum) Catholics Party DVP / DNVP (German Peoples Party) NSDAP (Nat (MORE)

What is the function of party workers in a political party?

The chief function of political party workers is to get people tovote for the workers' preferred candidate. This is primarilyaccomplished by distributing campaign literature, (MORE)

What tactics do political parties use?

they use persuasive techniques such as critisizing the oposition and flattering the public. they also write in a lot of other techniques such as rule of three, alliteration, h (MORE)

What does a Political Party do?

The functions of political parties are as follows :   (i)They contest in election.   (ii)They put forward different policies and programs.   (iii)They make laws fo (MORE)

What are positive activities of political parties?

A political party is a group of individuals with broad common interests who organize in order to nominate candidates for office, win elections, conduct government, and determi (MORE)

What was Grover Cleveland's political party?

Grover Cleveland was a member of the Democratic party. In fact, he was the first Democrat elected from the new Democratic Party formed after the Civil War.
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What is a weakness of political parties?

They take over the political process and create professional politicians. Instead of caring about the common man they are concerned with the party.
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