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What is politics?

Answer Politics is a power relation between people and political groups. As a general concept, the practice of the art or science of directing and administrating states or (MORE)

What is polite?

Behaving, Showing consideration for others, and observance of accepted social usage. Being nice in general, despite your prejudices against a person.
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Why you do politics?

Politics is To collect / find out common cause of people ( usually right or wrong is not considered) then formulate these causes into some principles or ideology .Finally impl (MORE)

How are you politically?

I'm a liberal. I believe that the private sector would gladly screw us all without constant government oversight.
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What is politics-?

The official definition for the word politics is "the activities  associated with the governance of a country or other area, esp. the  debate or conflict among individuals o (MORE)

Why is politics?

In genuine way politics means the social way of promoting the  political party like arranging campaigns, banners, meeting and  shows them the step taken by party for develop (MORE)