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What is politics?

Answer Politics is a power relation between people and political groups. As a general concept, the practice of the art or science of directing and administrating states ( Full Answer )
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Why politics is there?

To govern, to command, to rule. These are the principles of politics, though often merged with desire for power and unity...
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What is polite?

Behaving, Showing consideration for others, and observance of accepted social usage. Being nice in general, despite your prejudices against a person.
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How do you get into politics?

1. It helps to have no skeletons in your closet, or if you do, they are well hidden or easily explained. 2. If you are not of a wealthy and connected family, you will typical ( Full Answer )
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What has politics to do with you?

It helps you see the emergence of the government and understand the laws and the certain areas of the government that affect us as a whole- as a country.
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Why you do politics?

Politics is To collect / find out common cause of people ( usually right or wrong is not considered) then formulate these causes into some principles or ideology .Finally impl ( Full Answer )
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What is politation?

a person who is professionally involved in politics, esp. as aholder of or a candidate for an elected office.
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What is politics-?

The official definition for the word politics is "the activitiesassociated with the governance of a country or other area, esp. thedebate or conflict among individuals or part ( Full Answer )
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Why are we Polite?

It is being a human dimwit. It is in your blood to cover up yourcruelty with kindness.
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Why is politics?

In genuine way politics means the social way of promoting thepolitical party like arranging campaigns, banners, meeting andshows them the step taken by party for development o ( Full Answer )