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Is Afghanistan in Asia?

Yes. Its part of Central/South east Asia. And it it not part of Middle East. The majority of people speak Farsi, a French/German/English/Araic/and Indian language. ( mostly Fr (MORE)

Is Afghanistan in the tropics?

No. Afghanistan is in central Asia, located between 30~37 degrees north. "Tropics" means between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn (About 23.5 degrees) Afghanistan (MORE)

Where is Afghanistan?

Location of Afghanistan Afghanistan is located in south-central Asia. According to Columbia Encyclopedia, "Afghanistan is bordered by Iran on the west, by Pakistan on the east (MORE)

What Country was Afghanistan before Afghanistan?

A country is a nation, and Afghanistan predates nations as a place  of settlement by about 50,000 years. At least people have been  known to live there for about that long. (MORE)

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What are the Regions in Afghanistan?

There are three regions in Afghanistan that are split into  sub-regions. Northern Afghanistan is split into the sub-regions of  North Eastern Afghanistan and North Western A (MORE)

Why are troops in Afghanistan?

because of the pm Because of Osama bin Ladan and his organization. they have been major targets of the U.S believed to be near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan's tribal (MORE)

Was Afghanistan communist?

Afghanistan was for a while ruled by a Communist Government when  the Communist People's Democratic Party seized power in 1978  during the Saur Revolution. Almost immediatel (MORE)