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What is pollen?

What is pollen? Plants produce microscopic round or oval pollen grains to reproduce. In some species, the plant uses the pollen from its own flowers to fertilize itself. Oth ( Full Answer )
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What does pollen do?

my bio teacher said that pollen in basically flower sperm. therefore, it "fertilizes" the "eggs" in the other flower's ovaries. so yeah. it fertilizes flowers. :)
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What makes pollen?

Pollen (haploid sex cells) is produced in the anthers (male portion of the flower), through the process of meiosis
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What can pollen do?

Pollen grains are the vessels to transport the male gamete to the female ovary for fertilization. Pollen is light, it can float is water or be transported by insects, birds, a ( Full Answer )
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What is cross pollenation?

Cross pollination is the transfer of pollen from the anther of one flower to the stigma of another.
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What is a pollen tube?

A pollen tube is part of the male gametophyte of seed plants. It acts as a conduit to transport the male gamete cells from the pollen grain
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Why can pollen be a problem?

Pollen can make people with hayfever sneeze and suffer from watery eyes. This is an allergic reaction.
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Is pollen a carcinogen?

Pollen is not a known carcinogen. It is a well-known allergen.Pollen has not been found to cause cancer.
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What is the pollen used for?

pollen is used to keep plants from dying its like food besides water sun photosynthesis and other things
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How does pollen get to flowers?

Flowers grow the (male) pollen, then various animals carry thepollen to the (female) gynoecium (typically a stigma) to causereproduction