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What is a straw poll?

An informal poll detemined to assess general feelings or consensus. The term "Straw Poll", comes from holding up straw to see whichway the wind is blowing, i.e. general conse ( Full Answer )
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What are poll taxes?

A poll tax was an amount of money that a person was forced to pay in order to vote. After the Civil War in the South, poll tax laws were created in order to prevent freed slav ( Full Answer )
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What is a poll?

A poll is something that gauges how a group of people feels aboutsomething. For example, a poll might be conducted to see who peoplewant to be elected mayor, and it would like ( Full Answer )
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What is a polling?

ANSWER . I assume you mean polling, where a master device requests the status of a slave device.. Another option for a design would be to have the slave device alert the mas ( Full Answer )
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Is polling fair?

Polling may or may not be fair. It depends on the motives of thosetaking the poll. Most professional polling companies have a goodreputation for fair polls. Most, not all, oth ( Full Answer )
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What is a poll question?

A poll question is a closed query, posed with a number of possible answers suggested. Users of the poll select their answer and that counts as a vote towards that answer so th ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete a poll on poll pigeon?

How do I edit or delete a poll? As with posts, polls can only be edited by the original poster, a moderator or an administrator. To edit a poll, click to edit the first post ( Full Answer )
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What is a poll vote?

A poll is just to determine public opinion & which way an election might go.
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What do poll workers do when the polls close?

They close it so no one can get in and take a big day of they go any were they want like a pub the beach any were they like
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What was the polls?

It is the process of voting in an election.Alternatively, it meant the record of the number of votes cast.