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What is Scotch and polly?

Popular British name in the last century for a drink mixing Scotch whisky with a German brand of mineral water called Apollinaris.
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What is polly cotton?

It is a blend of cotton and polyester and is not 100% cotton. When cotton is blended like this it wrinkles less and keeps it's shape longer. Yet, it can be hotter when worn in (MORE)
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What are Rolly Pollies?

Rolly Pollies or Pill bugs are not insects, but crustaceans like shrimp or crabs. They have seven pairs of legs, are hatched from eggs, and require a moist habitat. Their pref (MORE)
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Where is Bolton?

Bolton is about 10 miles north of Manchester. west of wigan   in the United Kingdom
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What are polly seeds?

  Polly seed is a common nickname for sunflower seed. polly being a reference to a bird. sunflower seeds are commonly feed to birds thus giving them the nickname polly see (MORE)
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What is a Rolly Polly?

a rollypolly is an insect that rolls into a ball when it is scared and i dont think rolley polly is what they call them! :p They are usually known by rolly polly. And like a (MORE)
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What do rolly pollies do?

They go around eating plants and being friendly, so next time you see a rolly pollie DON'T step on it. Because it won't hurt you and that's just cruel.
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