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What is polyethylene?

Polyethylene is a lightweight thermoplastic made from hydrocarbons. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is the most widely used plastic. It is relatively inexpensive, flexible, s ( Full Answer )
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How did polyethylene form?

Answer . It forms through addition polymerisation. The double bonds in ethene break to form a long continuous chain ( a polymer) which is polyethylene.
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What is polyethylene glycol?

Polyethylene glycol is used for medicinal purposes. It's most common use is for occassional constipation. This should be used under the care and instruction of a doctor.
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What are the properties of polyethylene?

Polyethylene is capable of being moulded, extruded and cast into many various shapes. It is often used in construction as it is cheap and can be shaped or moulded easily, this ( Full Answer )
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What is a polyethylene terephthalate?

Polyethylene terephthalate (sometimes written poly(ethylene terephthalate)), commonly abbreviated PET , PETE , or the obsolete PETP or PET-P, is a thermoplasticpolymer resi ( Full Answer )
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Is polyethylene toxic?

Depends on the product you are using! Depending on the compounds its bonded with, PE's level of toxicity and flammability varies considerably. There are concerns about two ver ( Full Answer )
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Can polyethylene be recycled?

Unless it is a special formualtion, yes. Plastic bags arepolyethylene, and most recyclable plastic containers are PET(polyethylene terephthalate) or HDPE (high density polyeth ( Full Answer )
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How do you dissolve polyethylene?

Polyethene can be solved in toluene, xylene, trichloroethane, trichlorobenzene at high temperatures. An exception is the cross-linked-polyethene, practically insoluble.
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When was polyethylene invented?

Polyethylene was first synthesized by the German chemist Hans von Pechmann who prepared it by accident in 1898
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What is polyethylene glue?

Polyethylene glue is an 'urban myth'. Modern polyethlene materials are purposely so chemical resistant that no glue has yet been made that will bond them ! Polyethylene p ( Full Answer )