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What is extensible markup language?

It extends the HTML - Hypertext Markup Language used in defining web pages. Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding docu (MORE)

What is the markup percentage on furniture?

Most retailers look to reach what is known as keystone price, which is a 50% gross margin of the ELC or estimated landing cost. The estimated landed cost includes the price fr (MORE)

What is the markup for jewelry?

at kay jewelers the actual 'cost' of the item is multiplied by three. So for instance the Neil Lane Bridal Piece listed for 7,000 actually only costed 2,500'ish. Which at Kay (MORE)

What is the average retail markup on computers?

Usually the average markup or IMU% is -15% on laptops, -25% on dektops and -5% on all-in-ones. Retail stores make their money on pc purchases in other departments. Mainly acce (MORE)

HTML is a subset of which markup language?

HTML is a subset of SGML (Standard General Markup Language) with more forgiving rules that are not followed for XHTML and XML (also subsets.)
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What is the customary markup of baked goods?

  If you're talking about just the cost of the ingredients then the cost of the finished product is usually anywhere between 3 and 5 times the cost of the ingredients used (MORE)

What is a polyglot Bible?

A polyglot Bible is a Bible that has been written in different languages on the same page. Originally this was Greek, Roman, and Hebrew. There would be different columns on th (MORE)