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What is the Markup of t shirt?

The markup on a t-shirt will vary from vendor to vendor. The final price of a t-shirt includes the cost to manufacture the shirt (which also varies from vendor to vendor), th (MORE)
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Is it possible for a markup to be 200 percent?

If the customers will still buy it, why not? If a storekeeper buys an item from a supplier for $10.00, and sells it for $20.00, the markup would be 200%. * * * * * Not true (MORE)

What is the markup percentage on furniture?

Most retailers look to reach what is known as keystone price, which is a 50% gross margin of the ELC or estimated landing cost. The estimated landed cost includes the price fr (MORE)

What is Home Depot's average markup?

It depends on the product. On smaller priced items like under $100 it is usually 100%. Meaning if a product was bought for $10 they will sell it for $20. If the item like a (MORE)

What is Costco's price markup?

Costco CEO Jim Sinegal has said that Costco will never markup a product more than 14%. For example, if a product cost $1, the most Costco will sell it for would be $1.14.
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What is the markup for jewelry?

at kay jewelers the actual 'cost' of the item is multiplied by three. So for instance the Neil Lane Bridal Piece listed for 7,000 actually only costed 2,500'ish. Which at Kay (MORE)

HTML is a subset of which markup language?

HTML is a subset of SGML (Standard General Markup Language) with more forgiving rules that are not followed for XHTML and XML (also subsets.)
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What is Difference between markup and interest?

Interest is the additional amount paid for  interest bearing borrowings(loan),, where the mark up is the  additional amount added to the cost of a product or service,, to  (MORE)

Why is HTML considered a markup language?

HTML is considered a markup language because it is used to designate the differences between types of data. It's not normally considered a programming language, because HTML d (MORE)