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What is a polygon?

A polygon is a closed, 2-dimensional (planar) shape made up ofthree or more straight line segments connected end to end to end. By this definition, triangles, quadrilaterals (MORE)

What is polygonal?

A polygon is a shape with no curved sides.... Since a polygon is a shape with no curved sides, polygonal would mean that something is a polygon, or a closed shape with no cur (MORE)

How do you know when a polygon is a regular polygon?

If every side of the polygon is the same length, then it is a regular polygon. If the measure of every internal angle of a polygon is the same as every other, then it is a re (MORE)

What are polygones?

Any shape that is enclosed, has 3 or more sides, and has no curved lines. By: SupeRMAn
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Polygon what is it?

Triangles, rectangles and octagons are all examples of a polygon. A polygon is a polygon whose sides are the same length and whose interior angles are the same measure