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What are dissolvable polymers?

Polymers that are water-soluble, which means they dissolve in water. These polymers are often used to wrap products such as dishwasher tablets and pouches containing detergent (MORE)

Is methane a polymer?

No, Methane is not a polymer. Methane is a monomer. A Polymer consists of monomer units linked together with a series of covalent bonding. One of the best example for polymer (MORE)

How polymer become a polymer?

Polymer means many monomers. Sometimes polymers are also known as macromolecules or large-sized molecules. Usually, polymers are organic (but not necessarily). A monomer is a (MORE)

What is a polymer?

A polymer is a long-chained molecule that is composed of individual  units, called monomers.    See related questions below.   Let's break down the word:   Pol (MORE)

What is a 'dry polymer'?

A dry polymer is one that is not in solution. they are used where moisture would create an issue. Sometimes dry polymer powder is added to cement so that when the cement is hy (MORE)

Where to get polymer clay?

You can get polymer clay at Michael's and Hobby Lobby almost guaranteed, it is most likely available at other craft stores as well. It costs about 2.50 for brands like sculpey (MORE)

What can you do with polymers?

With polymers you can do all kinds of things like they use polymers to make nylon and acrylic fabric they also use it for paint and bikes and car tires, some types of plastics (MORE)

What are polymers?

Poly- means many, so like a string of pearls, a polymer is a string  of chemically bonded monomers: amino acids in proteins, sugars in  polysaccharides, strands of nylon and (MORE)