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What does polymerization means?

Polymerization is defined as the addition of two or more small molecules [known as monomers] to form a larger molecule [known as the polymer] with or without the elimination o (MORE)

What is polymeres?

a polymer is a plastic. a monomer is a chain of molecules which are alkenes as they have a double covalent bond in them. This monomer is then heated and the double covalent bo (MORE)

What is polymerize?

Do you mean Polymorization? if so that is the yugioh card which fuses two monster cards together to bring fourth an even more powerful card such FGD or Blue Eyes Ultimate Drag (MORE)

What is polymerization and explain the types of polymerization?

This is not a simple WikiAnswers question, it is a homework assignment. WikiAnswers will not do your homework for you because it is designed to make you research, think and (MORE)
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What is addition polymerization?

Addition polymerization is a form of polymerization in which copies of a monomer are repeatedly added to one end of an existing polymer.