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How do you use super polymerization card?

You have to discard one card to activate it. Then you send from the field to the graveyard monsters listed on one of the Fusion Monsters in your Extra Deck, and special summon (MORE)

What catalyst are used for polymerization?

It varies due to the application of the polymer. For example, ethylene polymerization uses Cobalt as a catalyst. But other reactions for different final products require diffe (MORE)

What does polymerization means?

Polymerization is defined as the addition of two or more small molecules [known as monomers] to form a larger molecule [known as the polymer] with or without the elimination o (MORE)

What is polymerization?

Polymerization is a chemical process that combines several monomers  to form a polymer or polymeric compound.
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Why are lipids described as non-polymeric?

Unlike the proteins,nucleic acid and polysaccharides, lipids are not polymers. It is because it do not contain any fixed monomeric units instead it has a long chain of methyl (MORE)

What is polymer and polymerization?

it is a yugioh card to merge new monsters ----------------------------------------------------- Polymerization joins a number of simple chemical compounds (monomer molecules) (MORE)