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What is polymorphism in programming?

Polymorphism is the method in which a java program can have more than one function(or method) with the same name but different method signatures(different parameters or return (MORE)

What is a synonymous polymorphism?

  A synonymous polymorphism is where a mutation alters the base in the DNA sequence but doesn't alter the amino acid encoded (due to the redundancy of the genetic code). T (MORE)

What is polymorphism in oops?

Poly morphism is nothing but function with same name exhibiting two or more than two characteristics.  The function has the same name but the parameters passes to it will di (MORE)
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What is an example of a polymorph?

A polymorph is defined as same composition, different chemical structures. Quartz, cristobalite, and tridymite are examples of polymorph because they are three different miner (MORE)

What is a polymorphism?

  Answer     In computer science, polymorphism means allowing a single definition to be used with different types of data (specifically, different classes of obj (MORE)

How is polymorphism achieved at compile time?

it can be achieved by using operator and function overloading. some function name can be used for different functions with argument differences default operators works fine fo (MORE)

What is Dynamic Polymorphism?

Dynamic polymorphism is a programming method that makes objects  with the same name behave differently in different situations. This  type of programming is used to allow Ja (MORE)

What is runtime polymorphism?

Polymorphism is Greek for "many forms". There are two types of  polymorphism: static and dynamic. Static polymorphism occurs at  compile time and is also known as compile ti (MORE)
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What is drug polymorphism?

Drug polymorphism is a customerÕs variation in response to a drug  is by gender, body composition, size and age. The first  polymorphism was first labelled over 40 years ag (MORE)