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What are the countries of Polynesia?

Answer . Hawaiian Islands Easter Island New Zealand American Samoa Cook Islands Marquesas Islands Samoa Society Islands Tonga Funafuti [Tuvalu] ( Full Answer )
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Where is Polynesia?

It is one of the three sub-divisions of the Pacific Ocean with the Hawaian Islands to the North, Easter Island to the East and New Zealand marking the Southern extremity. Ea ( Full Answer )
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Is Polynesia a country?

No, it is a Pacific Ocean region stretching from Hawaii in the north to New Zealand in the south and Easter Island in the east.
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What does polynesia mean?

It derives from the Greek words for 'Many Islands' and refers to a triangle in the Pacific Ocean formed by New Zealand in the south, Hawaii in the north and Easter Island in t ( Full Answer )
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Is Hawaii in Polynesia?

It is a state in the United States, but it is the northernmost extension in the Polynesian triangle. The first people who came to Hawaii were Polynesian.
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What is the population of Polynesia?

3.8 Million. is very wrong as New Zealand is in the polynesian region and new zealand has over 4 million i don't actually know it for sure though ;P hehe sorry :(
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Who discovered Polynesia?

Polynesia was discovered by a fisherman named Hawaiâ??iloa. He isalso credited with discovering Hawaii which is one of the islandsof Polynesia.
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Where is polynesia found?

The Islands of Polynesia - are found in the middle of the Pacific ocean !
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What are the mainlands of polynesia?

Well mainlands of Polynesia are mitochondrial DNA data. This indicate and introduction through Mainland Southeast Asia for the Australian dingoes and the Polynesian domestic d ( Full Answer )