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What is a polynomial?

A Polynomial is any algebraic expression that consists of more than2 terms in which the only allowable exponents are whole numbers,the variable is never used as a divisor and ( Full Answer )
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Who discovered polynomial?

In the 1880s, Poincaré created functions which give the solution to the order polynomial equation to the order of the polynomial equation.
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What does polynomial have in it?

A polynomial has 3 or more terms. It can have exponents andvariables. Example: 24x + 74y - 24z 24x = term 1 74y = term 2 24z = term 3 EDIT: Polynomials can have 1 or 2 terms ( Full Answer )
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When polynomial is a quadratic polynomial?

Whenever there are polynomials of the form aX 2 +bX+c=0 then this type of equation is know as a quadratic equation. to solve these we usually break b into two parts such tha ( Full Answer )
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Is a polynomial with square root a polynomial?

It is a polynomial if the square root is in a coefficient but not if it is applied to the variable. A polynomial can have only integer powers of the variable. Thus: sqrt(2)*x ( Full Answer )
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How do you multiply polynomial by polynomial?

You use the distributive law. It can take a while, though. (ax 2 +bx+c)*(dx 2 +ex+f)=(adx 4 +aex 3 +afx 2 +bdx 3 +bex 2 +bfx+cdx 2 +cex+cf) I'm using e as a variable, not a ( Full Answer )
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What does polynomial?

"Dose" is a measured portion of a medicine. I am not aware of any polynomials that take measured quantities of medication! However, it is possible that polynomials are used in ( Full Answer )
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How do you answer polynomial?

You can evaluate a polynomial, you can factorise a polynomial, you can solve a polynomial equation. But a polynomial is not a specific question so it cannot be answered.
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What are the alike of polynomial and non-polynomial?

That depends a lot on what you choose to include in "non-polynomial" - it can be just about anything. If you are referring to functions, what they have in common is anything t ( Full Answer )