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Who developed polyphony?

We don't know. The earliest existing examples - the treatises Musica enchiriadis and Scolica enchiriadis - date from the ninth century AD, but both were written anonymously. T (MORE)

What is the difference between Counterpoint and Polyphony?

Both the terms 'counterpoint' and 'polyphony' refer to music where there is more than one musical line being played simultaneously. The term 'counterpoint' comes from the use (MORE)

Was polyphony used in the Middle Ages?

Yes, polyphony was used during the Middle Ages. We do not have any real idea of when polyphony was introduced, but the earliest texts describing it date to the Early Middle A (MORE)

How did polyphony originate?

Polyphonic compositions started in about the Baroque period, with Bach and Handel. Monophonic compositions-Medieval, one simple melody. Homophonic compositions-Reneissance, on (MORE)

What is an 'A Instrument'?

An instrument tuned to the key of A. For example: If you play Concert C major, you will actually have to play at E major, to make it sound like C major. Vice versa, if you p (MORE)

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Can brass instrument be a percussion instrument?

No, they are two different families of musical instruments. Brass instrument produce sound by the vibration of air though a mouthpiece created by the vibration of the player's (MORE)