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What is Polytheism?

The belief on many gods (Hence - POLY [many] THEISM [god]). A classic example of this would be the Romans, who had a god for virtually everything - from War to Drinking to Lov ( Full Answer )
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Who founded polytheism?

Polytheism, the worship of more than one god, is considered the earliest formal religion. Polytheism goes back so far into antiquity, with origins in more than one region of t ( Full Answer )
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Who started polytheism?

No single person started Polytheism. Polytheism was a development of many societies and peoples, as well as leaders, spiritual interpretations, and off shooting or ostracized ( Full Answer )
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Who is the prophet of polytheism?

There is no one prophet of polytheism, as it includes many different religious traditions, including Hinduism, various pagan religions and most famously, the religions of Gree ( Full Answer )
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What is mono and polytheism?

monotheists believe in only one god; such as christians and Muslims polytheists believe in multiple gods, like the Greeks.
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What is the definition for polytheism?

Polytheism is a religion where there are many gods for different aspects of human life/intellect/needs or natural phenomena. Some examples are Roman Paganism, Greek Paganism, ( Full Answer )
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Where did polytheism spread?

Polytheism predates Monotheism, and was pretty much found everywhere before the rise of Monotheism. Formalized Polytheism famously developed in places as disparate as Europe, ( Full Answer )
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When was the years of polytheism?

Most polytheistic religions have prehistoric roots, and some have persisted into the modern day, some even being revived based on historical evidence. Suffice it to say, there ( Full Answer )
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What is a paragraph on polytheism?

Polytheism , the belief in manygods. Polytheism characterizes virtually all religions other thanJudaism, Christianity, and Islam, which share a common tradition ofmonotheism ( Full Answer )
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What did polytheism do?

Polytheism is the belief in many gods. Those gods may be dominatedby an overlord or by a small group of powerful gods all withdistinctive functions. Polytheism has existed ove ( Full Answer )