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What is Polytheism?

The belief on many gods (Hence - POLY [many] THEISM [god]). A classic example of this would be the Romans, who had a god for virtually everything - from War to Drinking to Lov (MORE)

What is an example of polytheism?

An ancient example would be the Roman pagan religion, in which many gods were worshipped. A more modern example would be Hinduism, in which thousands of gods are worshipped. P (MORE)

How did polytheism begin?

Polytheism began thousands of years ago, and it is not knownexactly when or how. Early people used many gods to explain thingsthat happened in nature. Answer: Based upon a (MORE)

Is polytheism good?

Everyone on Earth has a different point of view on religion than anyone else, so it is impossible to say if polytheism is good or not. Christians, Jews and Muslims generally b (MORE)

What did polytheism do?

Polytheism is the belief in many gods. Those gods may be dominatedby an overlord or by a small group of powerful gods all withdistinctive functions. Polytheism has existed ove (MORE)