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What are uses of Polyurethane?

Answer . Polyurethane is usually used over stained or unstained wood to protect it from water and damage. It is a sealer.
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What are polyurethanes?

A polyurethane is any polymer consisting of a chain of organicunits joined by urethane links. It is widely used in flexible andrigid foams, durable elastomers and high perform ( Full Answer )
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What is the density of polyurethane?

For rigid polyurethane, I've seen 1.05 g/cm3 published on the web, which would be about 65 lb/ft3. For flexible poyurethane foam, it varies with how much air is in the foam.
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How do you recycle polyurethane?

Hi, polyurethane can be recycled in two major ways: 1, by rebonding the polyurethane crumbs using hydraulic press and 2, by converting the poyurethane into powder and use it a ( Full Answer )
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Does polyurethane burn?

The answer is yes. Polyurethane burns readily except it is fortified with highly potent fire retardant.
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Is polyurethane toxic?

No, Polyurethane is not toxic. In bedding products it often givesoff a strong scent for a few days, which is not harmful. It is alsoused in MANY eco-friendly products, because ( Full Answer )
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What is the polyurethane?

It's a type of plastic materials , chemically it's simple a polymer consist of billions of repeating unites is called Urethane which is an ester of Carbamic Acid with any diol ( Full Answer )
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Is polyurethane flexible?

Sometimes. . Polyurethane formulations cover an extremely wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities. These materials include:. Low-density flexible foam used in uph ( Full Answer )
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Is polyurethane a plastic?

Plastic is a very generalized term for polymers that can mean either a thermosetting or a thermoplastic Plastic. There is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE), Low Density Polyet ( Full Answer )
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What can polyurethane be used for?

GENERAL ENGINEERING : Paper creasing rollers . Glass fiber cutting rollers . Anti vibration mountings and printing rollers . Plastic cutting rollers . Gear wheels . Co ( Full Answer )