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Shellac over polyurethane?

A coat of shellac can be placed over polyurethane. You should use  de-waxed shellac if you plan on placing more polyurethane on in the  future.

Is polyurethane flexible?

  Sometimes.   Polyurethane formulations cover an extremely wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities. These materials include:   * Low-density flexible f (MORE)

How do you wash polyurethane off hands?

Use vegetable oil or peanut butter to soften the paint and then wash it off. Using paint thinner on skin is problematic for your health. After this, plan to use plastic gloves (MORE)

Can you mix polyurethane with acrylic paint?

Did it today since nobody knew. I used water based poylurethane and acrylic craft pain-metallic. Worked great, looks great. I'm doing a powder room remodel. Painted trim and b (MORE)

How is polyurethane made?

Polyurethane chemistry is complex, but the basics are relatively  easy to understand. Polyurethanes are formed by reacting a polyol  with a diisocyanate or a polymeric isocy (MORE)

How do you remove polyurethane odor from a house?

Open all the windows and use some fans to expel the fumes. Higher temperatures with low humidity will help the floor cure faster and lesson the smell impact in the house. This (MORE)

Is polyurethane toxic?

No, Polyurethane is not toxic. In bedding products it often gives  off a strong scent for a few days, which is not harmful. It is also  used in MANY eco-friendly products, b (MORE)
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What is the density of solid polyurethane?

   Solid Polyurethane Elastomers   1,200 kg/m3   Print Rollers, Cast Elastomers, RIM solid plastics  /    Microcellular Foams and Elastomers   800 kg/m3 (MORE)

How to glue polyUREthane to wood?

Depends on the finish of both, but I think PL Premium would be your best shot. Available in HD, Rona and Walmart.
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