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Where can you get Polyvinyl alcohol?

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Is polyvinyl chloride a synthetic polymer?

YES! polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic polymer. This is so because it is a polychain made up of repeated units of monomers. More specifically this plastic has the presence of (MORE)

What solvent can solve the polyvinyl acetate?

Polyvinyl acetate is soluble in a number of organic solvents. Solubility of polyvinyl acetate is directly related to the volatility of the solvent; the more volatile the solve (MORE)

What type of substance is polyvinyl alcohol?

It's a polymer. And an alcohol! There's really not much more to be said on it than what is right in front of you. Next time just type your compound of interest into google and (MORE)

How is Polyvinyl Chloride formed?

Polyvinyl Chloride is a chemical white powder derived from Crude oil. It is one of the most deadly cancer causing agents known to us today, and is a killer! It takes approxi (MORE)
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What solvent can solve the polyvinyl alcohol?

0.5 g of Polyvinyl Alcohol in 10 mL of water, heating in water (80degree C, low solubility below 60 degrre C) with stirring for15min, then cool it to room temperature and anot (MORE)