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How did pompadour get its name?

The pompador is a hairstyle with flat sides and puffed top. It is named after Madame de Pompador, the mistress of Louis the fifteenth. Portraits of her show a modest hairstyle (MORE)

What did madame de pompadour do?

Jeanne, Marquise ( feminine of Marquis) du Pompadour was a French noblewoman who became insinuated in politics of the time and was a virtual mistress of King Louis XV. She is (MORE)

What does pompadour mean in 50's slang?

\nA pompadour is a hairstyle commonly worn by greasers in the '50s. The sides are combed back and the top is combed back and up. Usually styled with hair grease, and many co (MORE)

Who's Madame de pompadour?

From Wikipedia: Madame de Pompadour (December 29, 1721 - April 15, 1764) was a well-known courtesan and the famous mistress of King Louis XV of France.
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What is a pompadour?

I don't know about the hair thing. However I do know that Pompadour is a character in the children's tv series "Babar". He is an elephant and he is the king's royal advisor. T (MORE)
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What are pompadour pearls?

Pompadour Pearls AKA "Pearls For a Princess", are faux pearls from the 1950's / 1960's. They came in a box with the name inside, and usually have a silver and marcasite clasp. (MORE)

Which school did madame de pompadour go to?

During her youth, Madame de Pomadour recieved her education at the Ursuline Convent in Poissy, then as a teenager her mother began to hire tutors for her. This was all since, (MORE)