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Do guys like a rich a girl or else a poor?

It shouldn't matter. If he is picky with how rich the girl is, that'd be an abusive relationship. Just make sure the boy doesn't have to pay for everything for every date.
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Is Algeria a rich or poor country?

Algeria is a VERY rich country, with very large land and unbeleivable nature and ressources. Algeria is unique in its culture, music, cuisine. young people are very educated a (MORE)

Was Amelia Earhart rich or poor?

  Answer   She was not born into a wealthy family but she married George Palmer Putnam, a wealthy publisher.
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Who is the writer of the story the little match girl?

Hans Christian Andersen, also spelled Anderson. One of the few but noteworthy downbeat Fairy tales by the Danish master storyteller. It should be noted that the original Littl (MORE)
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Who is a little girl with golden hair in a story for children?

A lot of children's stories feature golden haired heroines. Cinderella is one. Depending on the version, Rapunzel is another.
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