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What is Pop Art?

Pop art is the abbreviation for popular art, a style that emerged as a direct response to abstract expressionism. The style emerged in the UK and US during the 1950s and was i (MORE)

Who did pop-art?

Pop-Art was an art movement in the United States and Britain in the 1950s and 1960s, and as such, there was not one specific Pop-Artist. Pop-Art also encompassed a range of me (MORE)

Where does pop art take its images from?

the Pop in pop-art stands for Popular culture. Images are drawn from current movies, media event, and the news. Many pop artist also use famous or recognisable faces in their (MORE)

How is pop art created?

Pop art is created in diverse ways on different mediums by artists. The beauty of pop art lies in its variety. Street art, for example is created by using spray cans and stenc (MORE)

Who discovered pop art?

  A painting (in 1956) by the English artist Richard Hamilton is usually said to be the first example of pop art.
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