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What are all the flavors of Pop Tarts?

Apple Cinnamon / Apple Strudel / Blueberry / Brown Sugar Cinnamon / Caramel Chocolate / Cherry / Chocolate Chip / Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough / Chocolate Fudge / Chocolate Van (MORE)

Do rabbits eat pop tarts?

In my experience rabbits will eat anything! However pop tarts are very high in sugar and will probably not be good for your rabbit. Don't get me wrong feeding a rabbit one (MORE)

What is the serving size for pop tarts?

The serving size is one pastry - yes, I know they come in packages of two, but this is from the nutrition facts off the box! - and each pastry will have around 200 calories.
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Are pop tart boxes recyclable?

Yes, Pop-Tarts boxes are recyclable. Drop them in your paper recycling bin, along with cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and pretty much all other kitchen and food products with pap (MORE)

Who is the inventor of pop tarts?

A man named Ron Hayes or Ron Hays. Not sure of the exact spelling of the last name. I meant him back in my high school days. He worked for kelloggs.

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