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Why does popcorn pop?

The physics of popcorn popping are quite interesting. In any popcorn popper you use (stove top, microwave or hot air) it works the same way: . The popcorn kernel is a tough (MORE)

Is popcorn fattening?

All food has calories. Popcorn is very low in calories, high in fiber. Few people have ever gotten fat on popcorn, unless they cook it in high oil and drown it in butter. The (MORE)
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Can hamsters have popcorn?

  Yes, in small quantities. The only thing to watch for is if they eat part of a kernal and it becomes lodged in their pouch. This is most likely to happen with Siberian d (MORE)

How do you sell popcorn?

The best way to sell pop corn is to go to somewhere like a high school. this is because when kids get out of school, they are hungry and would buy just about anything. i know (MORE)

What are facts about popcorn?

Popcorn is considered a grain in the food groups, & it's scientific name is called a Zea Mays Everta. Each kernel contains some moisture inside of it & the outer covering on a (MORE)
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What is mushroom popcorn?

The large, smooth, puffy ball shapes hold toppings, glazes, and chocolate like no other. If you've eaten super high-end caramel, toffee, and chocolate coated popcorn, chances (MORE)

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Is popcorn alive?

Not once it has been dried. Popcorn is a type of grass and grows very tall. The ears of corn contain the seeds of the plant. They can be removed from the plant and planted to (MORE)

What do you do with popcorn in Poptropica?

Take the bag of popcorn to the woman sun tanning on the beach shore. Dump it on her. A group of seagulls will now swoop down and swarm around her. She will run away and you ca (MORE)