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Why did the pope excommunicate King Henry VIII?

The pope excommunicated Henry VIII because he refused to submit to papal authority. He challenged the church's decision not allowing him to divorce Katherine of Aragon, and in (MORE)
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Who was pope after King Henry VIII?

  King Henry VIII of England reigned from 21 April 1509 until his death on 28 January 1547. He broke away from the Catholic Church in 1534.   The popes during and immed (MORE)

Why did the Pope not allow Henry VIII a divorce?

The Pope didn't allow Henry VIII to get a divorce because he believed that the marriage between Henry and Katherine was legal and legitimate, and therefore had no grounds for (MORE)
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Why did Henry VIII had an argument with the pope?

Henry VIII had an argument with the pope because the pope would not allow him to divorce his wife, whom he was unhappy with for not having a male child to be his successor. th (MORE)

Why did Henry VIII fall out with the pope?

He did not like the Pope because he did not grant his wish to annul their marriage with Queen Catherine.Afterward,Henry VIII made the church of England without the power of Ro (MORE)

What was the struggle between Pope boniface VIII and King Philip the Fair?

The struggle between Pope Boniface VIII and King Philip the Fair  was centered around the taxation of the clergy in France. Pope  Boniface in 1296 issued a papal bull statin (MORE)

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