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What was notable about the reign of Pope Innocent III?

Papal power reached its greatest height during his reign.    Answer   Pope Innocent III is regarded by Roman Catholics as one of the  greatest popes of the Middle (MORE)
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What was the significance of Pope Paul III?

Pope Paul III was significant for a number of reasons including the  fact that he appointed several reform-minded cardinals. He was also  the Pope who excommunicated Henry V (MORE)
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Who was Pope Innocent III?

Pope Innocent III, before being elected Pope was formerly known as Lothario dei Conti di Segni. He was from Gavignano, Latinum, in Italy. He was elected on the 8th of January, (MORE)
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What were the characteristics of Pope Innocent III?

A:   Pope Innocent X (1644-1655) is remembered in history as indecisive.  Like many popes before him, he was guilty of nepotism. His  pontificate was dominated by his av (MORE)
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What was the character of Pope Leo III?

A:   Pope St. Leo III (795-816) was a generally cautious  man. For example, he forbade the addition of the filioque  clause ('and the son') to the Nicene Creed, yet al (MORE)

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What did Pope Innocent the III contribute to the Church?

Pope Innocent III  (1198-1216) was one of the most powerful and influential popes,  considered during his papacy to be the most powerful person in  Europe. Innocent is rega (MORE)