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What is an interesting story about Pope Gregory?

Some legendary stories about St. Gregory St. Gregory and the Miraculous Mass: While saying mass one day, Pope Gregory became aware of a disbeliever and began to pray for a sig (MORE)
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What did Pope Gregory do?

Pope St. Gregory I (c.540 - c.604) For three years, Gregory was in the monastery of St. Andrew. He helped to establish several other monasteries, and followed the Rule of St (MORE)
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Who is Pope Pius IX?

He was the last pope who reigned over the Papal States, a large piece of central and northern Italy which the Popes got in 753/754 by probably the largest scam in history. Pi (MORE)

Why was Pope Pius IX excommunicated from the Freemasons?

Roman Catholic Answer  This is the same tack as asking someone when they stopped beating  their wife. You are making an unwarranted assumption in asking such  a question. F (MORE)

Who was Pope Gregory IX?

A:   Born Ugolino di Conti, Pope Gregory IX was the pope from March 1227  to his death in August 1241.    Seeking to eliminate heresy, he instituted the Papal Inqu (MORE)

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What were the achievements of Pope Benedict IX?

Benedict IX achieved notoriety as, perhaps, the most disgusting andvile individual to ever sit in the chair of Peter.
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Why did pope Gregory want to be king?

There were sixteen of them over time, so you would have to be more  specific. But generally speaking, all of them were perfectly happy  to be Pope. On top of that, they alre (MORE)