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Why was Pope Julius II nicknamed 'Papa Terrible'?

Pope Julius II was known for his terrible temper if he felt he was not being obeyed in what he wanted done. His falling out with Michelangelo over cancelling the commission th (MORE)

Did Pope Julius designate Christmas?

Yes. The Catholics designated this date as Christ's birthday but other Christians will show that his birthday was more like in September. Dec 25th was already a designated pag (MORE)
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Why was Pope Julius II important?

Roman Catholic AnswerYou may read about Pope Julius at the link below, he was a warrior, and after being elected pope he continued to pursue military campaigns. On of the reas (MORE)

What were Pope Julius II's achievements?

A:   Pope Julius II, who  was a nephew (a term that often meant illegitimate son, as was  likely the case with Julius) of Sixtus IV, became a cardinal at 18  and was po (MORE)

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How was pope Julius ll a unique pope?

Probably in leading his troops in person, clad in armor. Among  Renaissance Popes he was in most other things not that  unique, really. He had mistresses and illegitiate chi (MORE)