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Who was pope before Pope John Paul II?

Pope John Paul I (was only Pope for 33 days in 1978, and had initially declined nomination) He was first Pope to use the dual name, and it was in his honor that John Paul II (MORE)

Why is Pope John Paul II famous?

Pope John Paul II was the first ever Polish pope and the first pope  that wasn't Italian in over 500 years. Pope John Paul II was also  the longest Pope ever.
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Why was Pope Urban II important?

Pope Urban II is most important for sending aid to the Byzantine  Empire against the Turks and calling the First Crusade. He also  established the groundwork of the Roman Cu (MORE)
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What did Pope Urban II do?

On November 27, 1095, he called for the Crusades to take back the Holy Land from the Muslims.
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What was the mission of Pope John Paul II?

Pope John Paul II, on top of the normal missions assigned to those who are elected to the papal office, saw himself as possessing of a very particular mission, and that was to (MORE)
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Why was Pope Julius II important?

Roman Catholic AnswerYou may read about Pope Julius at the link below, he was a warrior, and after being elected pope he continued to pursue military campaigns. On of the reas (MORE)
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Who is Pope Sylvester II?

Pope sylvester II ( Silvester ) he was the first French Pope born in 950ad and died in 1003 ad introduced Arab arithmetic, astrology and astronomy to Europe He reigned (MORE)

Why was Pope John Paul II shot?

The USSR was not happy with John Paul supporting the Solidarity  Movement in Poland as they feared it would cause them to lose  control of that country. Working through the (MORE)

Who killed Pope John Paul II?

Nobody killed John Paul II; he died of septic shock following a  urinary infection. This brought on a collapse of the circulatory  system.
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