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What is the significant martin v hunters lessee?

The significance of Martin v Hunter's lessee deals with the power of state and federal courts. This case established that the Supreme court (federal) has supremacy over state (MORE)

What did the pope do to Martin Luther?

The Pope first asked Martin Luther to recant his heretical  teachings and when he refused, he was excommunicated.
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How did Martin Luther respond to Pope Leo X?

In a number of ways, he twice fled (in secret) from papal  proceedings against him and hid for a number of months. When he  received communication from the Pope, he made a p (MORE)

Who was the pope during Martin Luther's time?

Pope Julius II (1503-13), the 'Warrior Pope', was in power when Martin Luther became a Doctor of Theology in 1512. Pope Julius II firmly and diplomatically reasserted temporal (MORE)

What did the pope and the catholic church do to martin Luther?

The Pope issued a papal bull threatening to excommunicate Luther if he did not recant in 90 days. Luther is said to have burned copies of the bull. Luther was excommunicated a (MORE)
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What role did Popes Paul III Paul IV Paul V and Paul VI play in reforming the Catholic Church?

Paul III directed the council of cardinals, approved Jesuit order, used Inquisition to seek out heresy in Papal territory and called the council of Trent. Paul IV vigorously c (MORE)

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How old is Pope Paul V?

Pope Paul V was born on September 17, 1550 and died on January 28, 1621. Pope Paul V would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 464 years old today.
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