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Why is the pope called pope?

Catholic Answer . Pope comes from the Greek (means papa) and refers to the fact that the Pope is the visible head of the Church, or father figure, as opposed to the Head of (MORE)

How did Pope Francis become pope?

Like all popes, he was chosen by an election where his fellow cardinals voted for their choice of Pope.  This was done in private in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City on (MORE)
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How many years can a pope be a pope?

There's no actual limit, other than the natural limitation of human lifespan and the fact that at least in modern times most popes aren't elected until they're at least well i (MORE)
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Why is a pope named pope?

  Pope means father... I am sure It means papa/ father in Latin...and Pappas or similar in Greek. They call him that because he is the leader/ "father" of the church.
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Why did the current pope want to be pope?

Nobody has wanted to be pope for hundreds of years. It is  often a trial for the person elected to come to grips with reality  and accept his election. It is the most thankl (MORE)
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Who was the pope who predicted the number of popes after him?

I don't believe a pope made that prediction but, rather, St. Malachy who predicted that there will be one more pope after Pope Benedict XVI and he will go by the name of Peter (MORE)

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Does the pope have to perform a miracle to be pope?

No, miracles are required of candidates for the sainthood as a sign that they are in heaven.  A candidate for the Chair of Peter need only win 2/3 of the votes of the cardina (MORE)