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Why arashi is popular?

Arashi members are great performers! Even if they aren't the best singers or dancers out there, the energy and enthusiasm that they bring forward in concerts and even variety (MORE)
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Why is Ohio popular?

Ohio is popular for a couple reasons. First we have Cedar Point amusement park. One of the biggest, may be the biggest (not sure), in the world. Secondly our museums, the wrig (MORE)
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Why are pantyhose popular?

I'd say that pantyhose are making a comeback from the 90's. I haven't changed my wearing habits as I love to wear pantyhose as I love how they make my legs look and feel.
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What makes popular kids popular?

Well, now everyone thinks looking hot, wearing the best clothes, listening to the coolest music (hip- hop, rap, pop) and having the most friends. But those are the ones that g (MORE)
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Is Pokemon popular?

Pokemon used to be a hit show, but now, some people do not like it anymore. Pokemon has been a hit across the world, especially in Japan (the place it was created.) Now, peopl (MORE)

What is popular support?

"Popular support" is a kind of political power that is based in the majority of the population of a constituency, rather than in organized institutional, establishment, corpor (MORE)

Why are popular people popular?

There are various reasons to why popular people are popular. It might be because they have all the lasted clothing or simply the fact that they have money(rich). Maybe they ar (MORE)
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Why is pasta popular?

Pasta is popular because: It can be made into lots of shapes and pasta dishesIt can be stored and taken on long voyagesIt is made from Durum wheat which is specially grown fo (MORE)

How do you get popular on Twitter?

Follow a lot of people. Optimize Your Tweets - If you are sharing a link to your article or   video, compose a sentence that functions like as an overview to it. You   (MORE)
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Why is bullfighting popular?

It is a question of what you were raised with. People in Southwest Europe (France, Spain, and Portugal) have attended bull fights for centuries. We like baseball, football, an (MORE)