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What is popularity?

popularity is when you are liked by many people and you are not mean to them. popularity is'nt when you are cool for your money and clothes. popularity is who you are and ho (MORE)

How popular are you?

Answer friends are the key if you have alot of friends then your fine but if you want the step by step . alot of people following you . guys flirting alot . your reall (MORE)

How can you get popular?

THE BEST WAY TO TELL IF A GIRL IS COOL AND POPULAR: -A popular girl's hair is long and straight or slightly wavy. It's either blonde or brown. -A popular girl always has p (MORE)

What is popular?

One or more people that almost everybody knows. For example, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Charlie Sheen are popular. Small Indie bands such as Automatic Loveletter, Blood on (MORE)

How do get popular?

I know this is going to sound superficial, but here are some ways. -be friendly (everyone loves a nice girl) -clothes are important (but dont spend 2 much $$$ on that- you (MORE)

Why are you not popular?

Probably because you dont talk to people (popular people) ! Could be social skills, excessive awkwardness, or maybe your shy. I don't really know, considering that I'm not y (MORE)
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How can you can be popular?

Theres alot of ways to be popular, 1.Stay in touch with what people in your school/collage are doing, such as how they dress, and act 2.Get the "popular look" wich is really (MORE)

What do you do to get popular?

In fact, a real way to get popular is to be famous and go to Hollywood. But if your just a school girl/boy don't even think about it. Don't waste your life trying to get popul (MORE)
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Does he have to be popular?

well if your saying what does it take to be popular then i guess like you have to play sports and wear awsome clothes and be yoru self and have fun and be nice then you will m (MORE)