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Where is soccer popular?

Soccer is very popular in Europe, primarily England (that's where the Barclay's premier league is) and Italy. Also, in South American countries like Brazil (country with most (MORE)

How popular are pugs?

Pugs are very Popular Dogs. However, you won't find to many of them on TV but most dog owners have a pug or at least have had one.
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Where is cricket popular?

  Cricket is most popular in countries that were formerly part of the British Empire.These countries include West Indies,India,Pakistan,Sth Africa,Australia,New Zealand,Sr (MORE)

What makes popular kids popular?

Well, now everyone thinks looking hot, wearing the best clothes, listening to the coolest music (hip- hop, rap, pop) and having the most friends. But those are the ones that g (MORE)

Why are popular people popular?

There are various reasons to why popular people are popular. It might be because they have all the lasted clothing or simply the fact that they have money(rich). Maybe they ar (MORE)

Why is DotA popular?

Not really all that popular as a game. But for a warcraft 3 custom map, dota is the most successful and popular in that category. It is popular because there are 100+ heros to (MORE)

What is the popularity of a horse?

Horses are magestic animals. In my book, horses make the world go round. then i think why wouldent they be a popular animal?- there beautiful colors, hoofs,manes,tails who wou (MORE)
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When were diners popular?

In the 1950's diners attracted many young teenagers and school students. They were a popular place to hang out and catch up with friends. Diners were most popular in the 1960' (MORE)
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Why is graffiti a popular?

Graffiti is popular because as u could see it everywhere New York  most popular like California and plus graffiti is not a crime it  art and people want to show other people (MORE)
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Where is skydiving popular?

That depends on how you look at it. In terms of sheer volume of skydives which take place, the USA wins hands down. If you look at which country has the most centers per capit (MORE)