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What is population density?

The number of people living in a given area -- for example, Canada's average population density is about five people per square mile (near the lowest of any country on Earth), (MORE)
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Population density of Texas?

The state of Texas covers a total of 268,581 square miles and has a  population of 26,448,193. The population density is 98.1 people per  square mile.

What is population density dependent and density independent'?

A population is "density-dependent" when it is affected by its size. An example might be population growth: as a population gets large, it might grow slower since there are le (MORE)

What is crude population density used for?

Crude population densities are used to determine the amount of people living per unit area, so it can be useful if you want to find out if an area is overpopulated or if it do (MORE)