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What is population density dependent and density independent'?

A population is "density-dependent" when it is affected by its size. An example might be population growth: as a population gets large, it might grow slower since there are le (MORE)

How is Population Density calculated?

It is calculated by dividing the population by the area.Therefore, you would need to have the number of people in the numerator(on the top of the fraction) and the number of s (MORE)

What is the difference between population and density?

Population is the total number of people in a given area, wether that be a city, county, country, continent, etc. Population density would be the population divided by the are (MORE)

How is population density different from population distribution?

Population distribution is how people tend to live in uneven clusters on Earth's surface. Population density is when you try to find out how many people live in an area, how (MORE)

What is population density?

The number of people living in a given area -- for example, Canada's average population density is about five people per square mile (near the lowest of any country on Earth), (MORE)

How do you find the population density?

To find the population density of a country, you divide the amount of people in the country by the amount of squared kilometres. For example, Bangladesh has the highest popula (MORE)
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What is the population density of Argentina?

The current population of Argentina is 41.5 million people, and the  population density is 39.9 people per square mile. The current  population of Buenos Aires, the capital (MORE)