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How do you calculate the population density of California?

Basic math:   # Count the number of people (about 36,756,666).  # Measure the amount of land in square miles (about 163,696 square miles).  # Divide the number of people (MORE)

How Many Native Spanish Speakers Are In California?

  Wikipedia, at, lists over 12,400,000 Spanish speakers in California. The source for the chart is unclear (not f (MORE)

What is the highest populated city in California?

The Highest Populated city is Los Angeles, then San Diego, and then it is either San Francisco or San Jose depending on how you measure the city in either metropolitan area or (MORE)

Car population of California?

As of January 2014, the number of registered cars in California is  13,223,822. Of these, 224,784 are publicly owned. The rest are  privately owned and commercial vehicles s (MORE)