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What is the population of Istanbul?

  14,697,164 (2007)     With the latest official results, it is said that Istanbul has 14 million people living in itself.   In some cases, some academics argu (MORE)
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What is population of Oman?

  Oman total population is 2,340,815 from 2003 census. The last census was held in 2003. The next one is planned for 2010 to ensure having one census across the GCC coun (MORE)

What is the population of Bristol?

HOW BIG IS BRISTOL AS A CITY? Bristol has a population of over half a million. Bristol has been one of the most important trading center in the United Kingdom since the 12th (MORE)

What is a population?

A population is all the individuals of one species that live in the  same area at the same time.    OR    All the organisms of the same group or species, which (MORE)

What is the population of Hezbollah?

Hezbollah is an organization and therefore has a membership, not a  population.    It does not provide its own information on its size, but several  estimates are wor (MORE)

What is the population of Virginia?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Virginia is 8,001,024. See the related links below for a break down of Virginia's population.
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What is the population of Brazil?

According to the CIA official figure, the population of Brazil in August 2000 (the last official census ) was 169,872,855 . The current estimate for July 2010 is 198,739,26 (MORE)
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What is the population of Canada?

Canada's population in late 2014 was estimated to be 35,540,419people. This is, however, constantly increasing. 35.16 million (2013) The estimated population of the country, (MORE)