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Does anyone have a quick pasta fagioli with pork and beans and ditalini in it?

Yes. You need the following 1 half onion chopped 4-5 cloves of garlic minced 2 Tbs of olive oil 2 Tbs of italian seasoning 2 cans.of tomato sauce 1 can pork and be (MORE)

Are pork and beans healthy for you?

  As a bodybuilder, I would say yes. After a workout, I would fix myself a small meal of pork and beans. The beans provide me with the protein I need, as for the pork (hot (MORE)

Are Pork and Beans safe to eat cold?

Yes, it's safe for HUMANS to eat pork and beans right out of the can. As a word of caution: never use pork and beans as dog food. It has absolutely no protein that a dog can f (MORE)
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Are VanCamp's pork and beans gluten free?

No. Gluten is found in products made from wheat, barley and or rye.If you look on the label, it must tell you all of the ingredients.
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How many people will a 2 kg pork loin serve?

A 2 kilo pork loin (raw weight) will serve about 5 to 6 people depending on the portion sive.
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