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Is porridge good for you?

  Yes,it is good for us to eat everyday. We will grow as fast as you can.Fish porridge is also high in protein and low in carbohydrates.  
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What is porridge?

  Porridge is a simple dish made by boiling oats (normally crushed oats, occasionally oatmeal) or another cereal in water, milk, or both, and usually eaten for breakfast. (MORE)

What does porridge contain?

Oats, rice, wheat, barley, corn, often a small hint of sugar and salt. You can also add other grains to it! It tastes yummy with some golden syrup on top. 2. The porridge we (MORE)

How do you make porridge?

  Makes Two:   YOU WILL NEED:   6 oz of Oats   As Much Sugar As You Want   4 oz Of Milk (Any Type)   # Heat The Milk Up So Its Warm, Then Add Three Quarters (MORE)

Where can you get a porridger?

  Porridgers are just small silver bowls with a handle. Many come as sets with a cream cup and matching spoon. Many upscale department stores, like Macy's, carry them. (MORE)

Where is porridge made?

Porridge is most commonly made nowadays with oats. This dish is made by boiling cereal meals in water, milk or both.
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How did porridge get its name?

The origin of making and eating porridge when farmers cultivated oats and other crops for survival, various types of grains were stewed in water to form a thick porridge-like (MORE)