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What is sooji porridge?

I thought that as I am a Chef and Nutritionist, the best way to answer this question is to give you a recipe to make it. It is considered a healthy food for infants in India. (MORE)

Can dogs eat porridge?

Dog can certainly eat porridge. My first dog only eat porridge and would not eat dry rice. Whenever we serve him rice mixed with the same wet canned dog food, he would just sn (MORE)

How many calories in porridge?

Calories in porridge Here are the calories for plain oatmeal porridge cooked with water (rather than milk). There are: . 18-20 calories in each ounce or 28g . 70 calo (MORE)

What is porridge?

  Porridge is a simple dish made by boiling oats (normally crushed oats, occasionally oatmeal) or another cereal in water, milk, or both, and usually eaten for breakfast. (MORE)

What does porridge mean?

Porridge is like oatmeal that people used to make long ago, but some people buy it in stores and make it just like that.. anyway porridge is just like oatmeal but little bette (MORE)

Where can you get a porridger?

  Porridgers are just small silver bowls with a handle. Many come as sets with a cream cup and matching spoon. Many upscale department stores, like Macy's, carry them. (MORE)

Why is eating porridge with chopsticks faster?

I'm not even sure you could successfully eat most porridges with  chopsticks, being that they are largely liquid. Porridge usually  must be eaten with a spoon.
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