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What is a port?

" Port " can have many different definitions: . A dock, harbor, or coastal city where ships and boats stop. . A connector on a computer or electronic equipment. . A versi (MORE)
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What are ports?

Ports are devices used to connect a personal computer(PC) to external devices,such as keyboards and mice.They are located at the back of the PC.But today,some ports are found (MORE)
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What is port?

port can have different meanings in different contex. but port can be described as an alcoholic beverage known for its uses as an appetizer before a meal. port can also refer (MORE)
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What does a port do?

A port is a generic term for a way in or out of a computer. A means of tranferring data into and out of the computer. A physical port is a socket on the computer, where y (MORE)
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Which ports are the chief-ports of Pennsylvania?

1. Philadelphia-goods are transported to and from here to other continents; 2. Pittsburgh-the nation's largest inland port. Goods can be sent to 24 states by a 9,000 mile, in (MORE)
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Is VGA port a serial port?

No. VGA port is not either serial or parallel port. It is a different interface. If you need a serial output, you need a VGA to serial converter.
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Why is port called port?

Just like a port at a shipping dock. ships will dock with the port. Cables for computers will dock in the computer ports.
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Why is a port called a port?

Aport is called a port because you put stuff in a port just like boats.
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What type of port is a PS2 Port?

A PS/2 port is a mini-DIN connector. For more on mini-DIN ports, see this Wikipedia page:
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Why is port wine called port?

I believe people call it Port because it is produced near the Portuguese city Porto or Oporto in English. I, as a Portuguese, call it vinho do Porto, meaning wine from Porto. (MORE)