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Where is Zach Porter from?

Zach has lived in Poway, San Diego, CA since he was at a very small age. He was born in Maine, then he moved to Maryland, where his brother Victor was born, his dad is a marin (MORE)

Duties of a porter?

A porters duties will vary depending on where he is working. A  porter will essentially do whatever is needed to keep the workplace  clean and functioning.

Where is travis porter from?

i personally knew travis porter before anybody in the usa knew about them && THEY ARE FROM ATLANTA (SPECIFICLY) Decatur Ga & Lithonia Ga School Mlk High School - Quez (MORE)

What is porters diamond?

  The Diamond - Four Determinants of National Competitive Advantage   * Four attributes of a nation comprise Porter's "Diamond" of national advantage. They are:    (MORE)

What are pullman porters?

They were men who made beds and tended to things that most women do. They only slept for 4 hours and worked for 20. They carried luggage on and off and helped passengers on an (MORE)

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