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Stages in implementing portfolio assessment'?

The first stage in implementing portfolio assessment is to identify  teaching goals. Next stage is to introduce the idea of portfolio  assessment and provide examples. Then, (MORE)

How are scoring rubrics related to portfolio assessment?

Portfolios are a kind of authentic assessment and because authentic assessments cannot be graded like traditional assessments, scoring rubrics is just one way to assess portfo (MORE)

Is the effort exerted on porfolio assessment commensurate to the improvement of learning that results from the use of portfolio?

Of course. The extra effort to make a portfolio will not only land  you jobs, but it will impress everyone around you. Porfolios will  allow you to improve your learning and (MORE)

What is a portfolio?

Portfolio       Noun     1: (n) portfolio (a large, flat, thin case for carrying loose papers or drawings or maps; usually leather) "he remembered her b (MORE)

How portfolio assessment is different in traditional assessment?

Portfolio assessments measure a personÃ?s ability over the course  of a semester, whereas traditional assessments only measure ability  at one point in time. It is also con (MORE)
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What is brand portfolio?

A brand portfolio is the collection of the rights and trademarks of  different goods and services under one company or business. This is  done to avoid confusion and legal d (MORE)