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What does portion mean?

A part of something bigger; e.g. I got a potion of the turkey for dinner. Another answer: Portion can simply mean a part of something, or an allotment, as in "dividing s (MORE)
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What is portion control?

Portion control deals with insuring that you don't over eat by eating portions of an appropriate size. Most Americans eat much more then is required for them to be healthy.. (MORE)

How do you do portions?

in a survey 5 out of 10 people liked Doritos. In a school of 1500 how many people like Doritos? . 5/10(fraction) * x/1500 x because don't know how many . 7500/10x (MORE)

What are portions of the aorta?

The aorta is divided into two general parts, the thoracic aorta (found above the diaphragm in the chest) and the abdominal aorta (below the diaphragm before the aortic bifurca (MORE)

What is exocrine portion?

Exocrine portion is an amount of something i.e Orange Juice given to someone. Exocrine means very little, or a measly amount, so in this case, it would be a very small amount (MORE)
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How can you control your portions?

One of the easiest ways to control portion sizes in to invest in a simple kitchen scale. This allows a more exact measuremnt of determining serving sizes and counting calories (MORE)
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The portion of the kidneys is?

The renal cortex is the outer portion of the kidney between therenal capsule and the renal medulla.