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What is portion yield?

Portion yield is how many servings something is projected to have.  For example, a cereal box may have a yield of 10, which means that  it should result in 10 portions if ea (MORE)

What is exocrine portion?

Exocrine portion is an amount of something i.e Orange Juice given to someone. Exocrine means very little, or a measly amount, so in this case, it would be a very small amount (MORE)

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What is the outer portion of the kidney?

  The Renal Cortex   The renal cortex is the outer region of the kidney. The outer part of the kidney is the renal cortex. It is called the renal cortex cortex
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What is the Longest Torah portion in the Torah?

Naso is the longest Torah-portion, with 176 pesukim (verses). If we include combined Torah-portions, then Mattos-Mass'ei is the longest, with 244 pesukim.
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What is portion control?

  Portion control deals with insuring that you don't over eat by eating portions of an appropriate size. Most Americans eat much more then is required for them to be healt (MORE)
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What portion of a root gets elongated?

The root is divided into three zone: the meristematic zone at the root tip, the elongation zone, and the maturation zone. Cells are actively dividing at the root tip. In the (MORE)