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What does portion mean?

A part of something bigger; e.g. I got a potion of the turkey for dinner.   Another answer: Portion can simply mean a part of something, or an allotment, as in "dividing (MORE)

What is portion control?

  Portion control deals with insuring that you don't over eat by eating portions of an appropriate size. Most Americans eat much more then is required for them to be healt (MORE)
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How do you do portions?

in a survey 5 out of 10 people liked Doritos. In a school of 1500 how many people like Doritos?  5/10(fraction) * x/1500 x because don't know how many  7500/10x (MORE)
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What is a haftorah portion?

The "Haftara" is a chapter from the Prophets. Its public recitation is added to most services at which the Torah is read publicly, immediately after the Torah reading. Th (MORE)

What does portions mean?

Parts of something. Like the sentence, we were served several  portions of beef steak at the restaurant.
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