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What is the definition for portly?

A portly person is stout, a bit fat, rounded, corpulent. It is often used in a humorous way, and can be a more polite way of referring to a large person. e.g. "I saw a po (MORE)
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What is an analogy for portly?

This may be in the wrong category! Portly can mean overweight, rotund, fat, stout or obese, to name a few. If the question has to do with a computer port, then please rephrase (MORE)
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What is a portly gentleman?

Portly means large (in terms of weight, aka 'fat'.) So a 'fat' man, or in more gentle terms, a large gentlemen.
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What did Scrooge promise the portly man?

At the end of the book on Christmas Day Scrooge promises theBusinessman a very substantial donation for the poor and needy. Thesum is never disclosed
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What did Scrooge whisper to the portly man?

He tells the business man how much he wishes to donate for the poorand needy plus some extra for the years he (Scrooge) had failed todonate
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Why does Scrooge apologize to the portly man?

The "man" was a philanthropist and business man who had asked for adonation to help the poor and need at this special time of year.Scrooge had refused him asking if there were (MORE)
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Who does the portly man want to help?

The portley man is a business and who is seeking donations fromother business owners to help the poor and needy. He tells Scroogehe wants to help buy food and provide warmth t (MORE)