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How long does it take to do tattoo portrait?

That is an extremely subjective question that you have there. It can be anywhere from an hour and a half to well over nine hours. This is completely dependent on whether it is (MORE)
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What is a pen portrait?

It is normally a written description of someone - not their appearance, but things like their character, hobbies/interests, goals interesting facts etc.
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What do the portraits of Queen Elizabeth mean?

Elizabeth wanted the portraits of her to make her look young and powerful. On Some of her portraits she has her hand on globes to show her power, and she wore her hair up to s (MORE)
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How does Dorian react to his portrait?

Well, when Dorian first saw he his portrait ,when he was young, he was pleased. But throughout the years as he grew evil and did bad deeds, the portrait became uglier. At the (MORE)

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How do you get the Portraits in Pokemon?

    Answer     Just win the master rank contest 5 times in lilycove     Answer     No, just win the Master Rank contest once and come first pl (MORE)

How did Northern portraits differ from Italian portraits?

Northern portraits are largely characterized by a cool/cold  Northern light and diffused subltle shading, as opposed to the  warmer Italian portraits with their dramatic sha (MORE)

Why painting Portraits upside down?

Turning a painting upside down while in-process helps the artist  catch problems in symmetry and likeness. This is a trick also used  by signature forgers, for it turns lett (MORE)