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What is a portrait?

A portrait is a painting, photo, or sculpture of a person. (usually  just the head and shoulders) However there are paintings considered  to be portraits that show you the f (MORE)

What is the opposite of portrait?

Even though a "study" is not a portrait, I would not call it a  portrait's opposite. Opposites of "portrait" might include an  action shot, a "detail" (a close-up of, say, s (MORE)
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What is a pen portrait?

It is normally a written description of someone - not their appearance, but things like their character, hobbies/interests, goals interesting facts etc.
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What is a portrait orientation?

Portrait orientation is about whether the portrait subject will be pictured the long way, like in the vertical position, or whether the subject will be shown with the canvas o (MORE)

What is the Rainbow Portrait?

The Rainbow Portrait is of Elizabeth 1 and it was painted in 1600 (when she was nearly 70). 3 years before she died. She probably wanted to leave a good impression. The rainbo (MORE)
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How do you get the Portraits in Pokemon?

    Answer     Just win the master rank contest 5 times in lilycove     Answer     No, just win the Master Rank contest once and come first pl (MORE)

Whose portrait did Raphael paint?

Among others Pope Julius II, Elisabetta Gonzaga, Baldassare Castiglione, Bindi Altoviti, Agnolo Doni, Maddalena Doni, anf his girlfriend 'La Fornarina'. That is not what you w (MORE)

How did Northern portraits differ from Italian portraits?

Northern portraits are largely characterized by a cool/cold  Northern light and diffused subltle shading, as opposed to the  warmer Italian portraits with their dramatic sha (MORE)