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What is a portrait?

A portrait is a painting, photo, or sculpture of a person. (usuallyjust the head and shoulders) However there are paintings consideredto be portraits that show you the full bo (MORE)

Where can you get portraits?

You can find a freelance portrait artist to draw you a personalized portrait and send you the high-resolution file for you to print by your own where you wish. This is actuall (MORE)
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What can portraits tell you?

Traditionally, portraits tell you less about the person or what theartist thinks than what the patron wants to say about the subject(the person painted). Traditional portraits (MORE)
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How do you do a self portrait?

Drawing/painting: Self-portraits are better when done in front of amirror than from photos. (In the matter of the mirror, the biggerthe better.) Self-portraits are generally l (MORE)
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To do the portrait of?

You could paint a lake with fish in it, a bridge and flowers all around, a woman sitting on a white bench wearing a dress and an umbrella, or a child running and playing with (MORE)

What is an abstract portrait?

An abstract portrait does not realistically depict the subject, butrather an impression or suggestion of some aspect of the subject.
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What is an egg portrait?

You may be referring to portraits made in "egg tempera." EggTempera was a European method of painting that used ground pigmentsmixed with egg and applied in fine thin layers. (MORE)