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What is a miniature schnauzer?

A miniature schnauzer is like a standard schnauzer, but smaller. They tend to have less grooming issues since they are smaller. They don't stand but about 12-16 inches tall an (MORE)

What is miniature?

Miniature means small. You've probably heard the word 'mini' right? That's short for miniature. Like a mini hairbrush or a mini spoon for a couple of examples. Hope this helps (MORE)

What is a Piano Miniature?

The great composers of the Romantic period all wrote works that we call "miniatures" today. They are not large-scale works like concertos, sonatas, etc... but rather small, se (MORE)

What is a portrait?

A portrait is a painting, photo, or sculpture of a person. (usually  just the head and shoulders) However there are paintings considered  to be portraits that show you the f (MORE)

What does miniature mean?

Miniature means very, very small, but generally in comparison to the 'natural' or 'common' size. It does not have a specific size connotation. For example, you have horses a (MORE)

What is a miniature horse?

Miniature horses are a breed based on height.   There are two main registries for miniature horses.   The AMHA has a height limit of 34 inches.   The AMHR has two (MORE)

What is a Miniature Dachshund?

  A minature Dachsund is a small dog with a long body. More commonly known as the "sausage dog". They range in colour and are very loyal. They need to be looked after prop (MORE)

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