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What year did portraiture become popular in the US?

It was always popular, as people always needed to know who were the important people in the past, this is the case for the whole world. Important people needed recognition and (MORE)

What is portraiture?

Portraiture is the doing of making portraits. It is not a painting, sculpture or photograph of someone. That is the definition of portrait.
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What is the meaning of commercial portraiture?

A commercial portraiture is a painting or photograph thatrepresents a person, in which the face and its expression ispredominant. The intent of a commercial portraiture is to (MORE)

When did portraiture begin?

Portraiture in the sense of drawing or painting the likeness of a living person with the model present seems to have started in the 14th century. One of the earliest examples (MORE)

What is studio portraiture?

It is the capturing of images in a studio that is equipped to provide the appropriate ambience, angle, position, pose and expression to bring out the character and beauty of a (MORE)
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What is realistic portraiture?

Realistic portraiture is making the subject of the portrait look real, as opposed to a representational piece.

How has portraiture Changed over time?

Portraits have changed a lot over time, forexample since the Tudor and Elizabethan portraits people havealways wanted to look perfect to impress other people and to showhow mu (MORE)

What was a roman portraiture used for?

Roman portraiture was mainly sculptural portraiture; i.e., busts. The Romans made busts of important people in the same way as later in history there was paining portraiture o (MORE)

What is the purpose of roman portraiture?

Roman portraiture was sculptural; that is, busts. Portraits in painting were not used. Portraiture was commissioned by rich men for prestige and to be remembered in the way pa (MORE)