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Why is Portuguese the official language of Brazil?

Brazil has Portuguese as its official language, because the country was a former colony of Portugal. For three centuries, all official communication was in the Imperial langua (MORE)

What language do the Portuguese speak?

The Portuguese speak the standard peninsular Portuguese of Portugal. For European Portuguese is the official language of the Republic. And it's the country's most widely known (MORE)

Which countries have Portuguese as their official language?

Portuguese is the official language of the following ten countries: 1. Angola; 2. Brazil; 3. Cape Verde; 4. East Timor; 5. Equatorial Guinea; 6. Guinea-Bissau; 7. Macau; 8. M (MORE)

What does the Portuguese language consist of?

Portuguese is one of five major Romance languages. Romance languages trace their origins back to the long-ago interactions between the Latin language of the ancient Romans and (MORE)
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Is Portuguese Brazil's national language?

Yes, Portuguese is Brazil's national language. It's the official language. It also is the main language that's spoken and understood throughout Brazil.
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What languages form the base for Portuguese?

It's traces its origins from the Roman occupation of the Iberian Penninsula. Over several centuries, the Latin of the Roman elite, was mixed with the Celtiberian languages alr (MORE)