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What does a positive times a positive equal?

A positive number multiplied by another positive number yields a positive number. A negative number multiplied by another negative number also yields a positive number. Only m (MORE)

What are position lights?

  position light     The position lights on my XC70 are the bulbs just above the taillights/brakelights on the rear of the car. I have one that is often going ou (MORE)
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Is a positive divided by a positive equal a positive?

Yes, the only time a quotient is negative is when a negative and a positive number are divided.
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What is rest position or equilibrium position?

Rest position or equilibrium position occurs when all the forces (gravity, the wind, friction etc) exerted on an object are equal. For example, a rolling ball is not in equili (MORE)
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What is Positive Stress?

Positive Stress Brings Thrill to Life Positive Stress is also  called Eustress. This excitement is felt by people when they are  confronted by a demanding situation, which t (MORE)
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Can o positive and a positive have ab positive child?

No. The "O" in blood typing should actually be viewed as a zero, meaning the absence of either A or B markers in the blood. So, a type O person has no A nor B markers in his o (MORE)
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What is the lincolnesque position?

Two guys were having a fight, by the time it was over they were wearing each other's coats. The Lincolnesque position.
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What kind of position is the Supine position?

The term Supine position refers to the position of a person lying down with ones face up. When one is lying down with the face down it is known as the prone position.
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