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How do you be positive?

You have to be postive by almost being nice. Try to smile a lot. Also, try to complement people, be make sure you mean what your saying before you say it because lieing is not (MORE)

What is rest position or equilibrium position?

Rest position or equilibrium position occurs when all the forces (gravity, the wind, friction etc) exerted on an object are equal. For example, a rolling ball is not in equil (MORE)

Is positive times positive negative?

A positive number times another positive number will give you a positive answer. If you multiply two negative numbers together, you will also have a positive answer. The only (MORE)
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How can there be a negative position but a positive velocity?

Well let's see. If you define sea-level as zero elevation, and theupward direction as positive, then a submarine that's in theprocess of rising to the surface has a negative p (MORE)
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How do you answer positively?

I always choose my words, the words you use create the world inwhich you live and finding a postive in the situation you aretalking about always help to turn the perception ar (MORE)