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What is psychological positivism?

Psychological positivism is associated with the way that criminalsbehave. It states that something within a criminal's psychologicalmakeup lends itself to their behavior, and (MORE)

What is positivism?

Positivism is a philosophical and ontological (what exists) position in which there can be something which is 'positive', 'truthful' or 'known'. It often espouses that there i (MORE)

What is Moral Positivism?

Moral Positivism is the theory that claims there are no naturallaw, and therefore no natural right. All human rights, it holds,are derived from the state, from contracts, from (MORE)

Are Positiv skateboards any good?

YES! very good, i have one myself, they are fast and have a great pop, i would recommend this to a beginner and a more advanced player!\n. \nthey are not good ... they are th (MORE)

What is the difference between empiricism and positivism?

Empiricist use scientific methods to test what is observable, if you cant see it cant be tested and doesn't exist - Cartesian mind/body dualism emerges. Positivists use empi (MORE)

What is the difference between positivism or postmodernism?

Postmodernism is a freedom of choice, as people can choose to be straight or homosexual, to choose what to do with their lives instead of before where a lot of it was governed (MORE)