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What is psychological positivism?

Psychological positivism is associated with the way that criminalsbehave. It states that something within a criminal's psychologicalmakeup lends itself to their behavior, and (MORE)

What is positivism?

Positivism is a philosophical and ontological (what exists) position in which there can be something which is 'positive', 'truthful' or 'known'. It often espouses that there (MORE)

What is Moral Positivism?

Moral Positivism is the theory that claims there are no natural  law, and therefore no natural right. All human rights, it holds,  are derived from the state, from contracts (MORE)

Are Positiv skateboards any good?

YES! very good, i have one myself, they are fast and have a great pop, i would recommend this to a beginner and a more advanced player!     they are not good ... they a (MORE)

How are Logical Positivism and Objectivism alike and different Specifically I want to know how they differ in epistemology?

Positivism starts by stating "world (existence) is composed of  atoms" then it goes to state that in order to claim one state of  the nature is true or false one has to look (MORE)